by Altered Perceptions

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rye sturman
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rye sturman scratching, itching for destruction
Rico Fuenos
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Rico Fuenos This whole fucking EP is incredible, bouncy as fuck, tight ass riffs, sick vocals 10/10 bruh holy fuck cannot stop listening Favorite track: Finite.
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released November 10, 2014



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Altered Perceptions Lemont, Illinois

A modern metal band from the suburbs of Illinois, we took our favorite aspects from each genre of heavy music we enjoy most and made some tunes out of it.

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Track Name: Transcend
I've got something to hide. Thinking back it sends chills up my spine. I must break away though I'm tied to this fucking bed of nails I call my mind.
I've watched the world collapse within itself, and expand over again.
(over again)
We are a product of a god who's singing evolution. The pages turn, the lines blur. We're loosing resolution.
We turn our backs selfishly never seek solution. I am the predecessor bringing forth mass execution.
At the end of the day its safe to say, we lost reality.
Until we've risen to an exponential consciousness.
Disregard physical life cause you are christ.
We've fallen down the levels and now we disappear.
We must transcend.
Track Name: Absent Minded
We are confined. Subdued by our selves. Thinking without process the skull becomes an empty shell.
Disregarding the disgust, stupid and blinded. Arrogant and selfish. Absent Minded.
Our highers frown when they look down.
In our dimension, building tension. This world's a relic.
But we've gotten too involved. We left behind all that's important.
And claim that we've evolved,
(We've evolved)
Holding on to what is empty.
Showing your ignorance, modus vivendi. Nothing but a vague idea. Just something that could have prospered.
The reflection is dismissed. Cast into the void if we can't learn to co exist.
When will we see there's so much more for us to live for? When will we realize we were given so much pure potential? When will we cleanse this Earth and rid it of our stench and stain? When will we close our mouths and learn to use our fucking brains?
We've fallen too far behind. We sought too much to see and therefore we are rendered blind. Our power driven race, disgusting and divided.
Stuck in confinement, misguided.
Absent Minded.
Track Name: Finite
So ignorant, so blind. I urge to make a leap for mankind. Killing off the physical body is the start.
I am darkness, I am the insane.
These pure vessels lost have turned away. Climate of evil consumes this shadowed world. The hate seeps through the Earth's cracks, devastating all in it's path. I am the hate that reigns.
There will be nothing left to save.
(Nothing left to save)
A soul lost, sightless space. This will forever remain as our graves.
We are bounded in a spacial extent. No escape for the ignorant minded.
We shall destroy this finite body.
Cleansing the Earth.
I am hell, the defined hate. I am hell, the defined hate.
I am death, the victor of all.
Track Name: Lucid
The finite body has been pushed into it's grave. The process of our mental cycle has finally been paved.
It is our choice to travel down this road, achieving what's untold. Now's the time to grow.
Our spirit sits in it's purgatory, waiting for it's time. We find the key to consciousness. Conceded and divine.
Unified as one.
All energy collides. (All energy collides)
Lightness in it's essence bright enough to blind. But to who's perception in the absence of eyes. We have turned to dust.
Trust is imminent, no need to compromise. For all opinions are neutral. All the same on sequenced scales. We are entering a pit or eternal fall.
A trench filled with dense cloud of unified energy. Inhabited by only outcasts abandoned by the world.
A pure and ancient energy dwells here, digging up the past so I can replant.
Intelligence instead of religion, transplant. We are a species of potential that is infinite. Risen to our character and now the fall is imminent.
Track Name: Revert
History repeats, we're forced back to our stubborn selves. Stuck in a purgatorial void, no recognition of thy self.
Becoming what we worked so hard to leave behind. Fall back in do time, we are all fucking blind.
We lose everything we've worked towards.
(The masses fall behind)
We've been bounded to our most physical aspects, and as so, we close our minds.
Stop and think about the current situation. Missing links are all we'll ever have. Just compete with your fellow human beings. Not complete at any moment in time.
Create and test to find the answers. We are just a failed cause in need of revision. Made to help each other but led into greed. Forget the sense I, forget the wants and needs.
Revert back.