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Euclid Great album for fans of Entities, Auras, Bermuda, As Oceans, etc. This band does an amazing job of blending devastating guitar tones with ethereal atmospheres. Favorite track: Portals.
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Altered Perception first full length: Void, a modern bouncy rhythmic feel to keep you moving. This is the first of many to come.
Stay tuned.

Released on: 9/16/2013


released September 16, 2013

Engineered/ mastered/co-written/ produced/mixed by : Samuel Bottner
Props to Nick Frollo From Black Line Studios for recording our music video.
Props also to Jorgan Redick From Neighborhood Kid productions for crafting our lyric videos.



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Altered Perceptions Lemont, Illinois

A modern metal band from the suburbs of Illinois, we took our favorite aspects from each genre of heavy music we enjoy most and made some tunes out of it.

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Track Name: Void
Thy lord herds us like a bunch of sheep, our Shepard pleasurably watches us all, watches us all burn.

All these clones do is pray for someone to save them instead of using their own fucking head.
Track Name: Dark Matter
We've been blinded by our ignorance , We've been blinded from the truth.
To level out this hate, we begin to witness our fate, brought upon us by greed and mistakes. The universal perspective awaits!

Self Reliance is all that you have in a world that reality has been altered to perceive another individuals needs. ( FUCK YOU)

The truth has dissapeared now theres so much to fear, when I feast my eyes upon all of thee, makes me wish that we'd be ended completely.
We begin to witness our fate.
We have misunderstood our own energy levels of conciousness now have\ been drained completely.

Since I separated my spirit and mind , my soul breaks away from its physical kind, and I claim this knowledge that is lost in time, and so the world brings it to me as mine.
I am the keeper of secrets as we continue to pull ourselves deeper.

I remain to be the only one who knows of this world.
I will preach my ways until our extintion
, I am the keeper of secrets left behind by man, I am the only one left to stand.
(I am the keeper of) Secrets
So rise up with me.
Track Name: Cosmos
I call forth those who couldn't survive, abide by what fills this appetite.
Come rise.
I so despise.
Those who don't cherish life.
So with a stroke of my knife.
They will all soon realize.
Agony comes first then the tragedy
All along, I must confess I wanna see
You suffer like the rest
I do my best, to keep you breathing
So then you'll slowly die bleeding.
Disturbing my words may seem, but its the only way to reach my dream.
I will be the protector of everything pure
Eradicating my species is the only cure

So I bring them pain known by no one.
I've watched their shame slip away and I'll show them.
Another life I take another life I gain.
A life here another life there in the end its all the same.

Its all the same
Come rise abide but what fills this appetite
To hear them cry,
They're always screaming why.
Track Name: Manipulative Memories
My feelings have started to fade, and my conciousness has gone astray.
Yet I feel her reaching out to me, please bring me to a better memory.
Where I knew how to hush these whispers, when everything turned out for the better.
That time has passed and nothing will last, my thoughts have turned against me.
She controls my mind, began the darkness growing inside.
So hollow inside
Once I obey to my love she will, release me from my thoughts and state of mind.

My intentions are black and theres a murderer trapped in my head.
I have to follow what she says.

Guided by her voice reaching out to me.
I will do whatever you please.

Her will echoes through my ear speaking of wishes of giving into fear.
Satisfying her request will bring me peace, its the only way this voice will go away

So I satisfy my lovers sick blood lust, but it never leaves.
But no one believes in ghosts anymore, but she fucking haunts me
She fucking haunts me.
Track Name: Putrid Waste
I cannot see what its like to be, far to blind to comprehend the signs.
To stubborn to explore out of your fucking mind.

I drag pieces of shit like you through the gravel till the rocks become your skin
This is the life I live.
I will be the cleanser of scum
( I will be the cleanaser of scum)

So the cleansing has begun ,
Then I rip out your fucking tongue.
Your shirt is drenched in blood pouring from your mouth
the worst has yet to come.
My heart cries in laughter seeing them try to live after this disaster
They flood with fear, so over powering.
Track Name: Debris
Black consumes the day as the ashes still remain in the sky covering our beautiful light.
Everyday we live in the night,
The green luscious earth suffocates under a dense debris ruins all we did here was decimate the home we so valued has fallen to hate
No one will come out of this alive.
The world screams in pain knowing that couldn't survive.
We left this planet with our stain.
The blackened sky, sits still it symbolizes our past,
Now we'll see whats real.
No existence will last.
We resort to tense desperation, there's no pity for anyone.

The green luscious earth suffocates under a dense debris ruins

The smell of death consumes this land this is exactly what they planned.
The survivors will soon evolve for the worse.
There's no way to live through this curse.
We are on our own and no place is safe.
Nowhere to go and we should all be afraid.

Say goodbye to the struggle.
Say goodbye to all you loved
It all fades away
It all fades away

Say goodbye to the struggle.
Say goodbye to all you loved
It all fades away
It all fades away
Track Name: Decay
Thy lord, has frowned upon me, I feel this anger taking over my body.
Everything that I touch turns to mold, the cold consumes my soul.
Our disease sickens the earth, so it rids us of our needs. Once we're gone there'll will be peace.
A spectrum of a million figures as they all come together.
As righteousness falls into the abyss I know i'm better then this damnation
We all begin to see that our humanity on top of everything brought this planet to an end
I'll show you the end.

Prepare for a new beginning..
Welcome to your new beginning

As I break away from this pitiful race I contemplate the fate that we all will face
As I eradicate this shame trying to play and my heart I devour it gently so I can cut off these feelings that burden me constantly.
Track Name: Portals
Treading through the depts of the earth.
To find the answers we so seek.

Through the temples where the lost weep.
Keeps the hatred that hides in us so deep

So deep , confused in this reality
This is why we'll perish suddenly.
This is a sad plot the fall of humanity

We struggle to rise above the others, when we're just as worthless as the next

So ending this existence is what I suggest
This is for the best
For everything to be at rest
So rise the demons up from the depts

So rise the demons up.

Rise the dead, make them ascend from their slumber
To do thy bidding
Track Name: Last Stand
They all bow to their sire
To one day achieve what they desire
in the end there'll be nothing left to admire
Though salvation has expired

Its time to break away

I will decapitate these misunderstood teachings
Of wrong intentions on manipulating our population

If we don't change our ways we will all rest in the void
We will be destroyed
This we can't avoid

So we must all open our minds
Then we will revive our paradise

We are better then this
No one can save us from ourselves
drop your stubborn ways
Or waste away

We are better then this
I know we're better than this.